Ehsas relief 25000 | How to get 25000 flood relief cash | 8171 Sms Reply

Ehsas relief 25000 | How to get 25000 flood relief cash | 8171 Sms Reply. Bismillah Rahman Ur Rahim Assalam Alaikum friends welcome to my website and those who have sent their ID card to 8171 but still not getting help.

And along with this, they have also sent their identity cards to the helpline numbers given for the flood relief program, but still they are not getting help or the same message is coming from these numbers that your If the aid is not approved, in this case you are twenty-five

How to qualify for Rs

The solution to this problem and a lot of information about how to get your help will be explained in detail in today’s post. First of all, let us tell you about the login of a web portal that we have shown you in previous posts. But the web portal which is there is not active yet, all their logins are blocked

I would have apologized to you for that reason and God willing, if I have a new login, I will share it with you because I feel poor people often do this. They are demanding to check the identity card of poor people

That I should get easy load or easy money of fifty or hundred rupees. You stay connected with us. Inshallah, as soon as new information comes to us, they will convey it to you. Let us tell you that the numbers given on the screen belong to these people. Those who were facing any problem while sending their ID card were not sending their ID card or their ID card was sent on 8171.

Ehsas relief 25000 | How to get 25000 flood relief cash | 8171 Sms Reply

But the answer was still not coming, they were not getting help, they were told to send their identity card to their respective WhatsApp number which is being shown on the screen so that their problem was solved. and when they send their identity card to the relevant helpline number, they are getting two types of messages on their return.

The message is coming that their assistance of 25 thousand rupees is not approved and some people have been told that their 25 thousand rupees has been approved and it should be transferred to their account in the next few days. It has been done, they will definitely get it and those who have not yet been approved, how can they find a solution to this problem

How can be eligible for this program if they are affected by flood keep in mind that if your district is affected by flood then your problem will be solved then I am going to tell you the solution to the problem. That is, you have to go to your nearest Benazir Income Support Program Ehsaas Program office and register there.

Because there are many people whose data is not available in the NACL database, even if they send the identity card to 8171 or any helpline number, they will not get any money under the aid program. Those who are getting the message that their assistance has not been approved, please go to their nearest Benazir Income Support Program office and get their registration done. I hope you liked today’s post and got enough information. thanks so much


The Help No. is

Punjab 0301-1016162

Sindh 0301-1016163

KPK 0301-1016165

Balachistan 0301-1016168

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