Ehsas Kafalat NSER 14000 | Ehsas Rashan Kab mile ga | Flood relief Cash 25000

Ehsas Kafalat NSER 14000 | Ehsas Rashan Kab mile ga | Flood relief Cash 25000. Bismillah Rahman Ur Rahim Assalam Alaikum welcome you to my website those who have registered through NSER database those people who have ever received NSER slip whether it is lost or your If there is a pass, there is a very good news for you people, in today’s post, read such a video carefully and at the same time will tell you that those who have not received twenty five thousand rupees.

How can they know all the details of their account and how can they check their balance then they will tell you why people who have not received Rs. Payment of twenty five thousand rupees has started coming into the account of all the people who have it from 11 o’clock today, so you are requested to contact your nearest and dearest.

Ehsas Kafalat NSER 14000
Ehsaas Kafalat Program 2022

At the cost of program like program where HBL device check your ID card, there is no other portal through which you can find out how much money is in your account at home. but even through this you don’t get a set information whether money is in your account or not there can only be a guess so you are requested to visit the campus or your nearest retailer. Check your identity card

To give you real information and here is a big update especially for those people who have NSER slip system or they got it now it is lost then any of it. There is no problem. Well, the good news for all the people is that, God willing, money will start coming into the account of all those people from the 5th of October next month, and those who are ineligible but still there, those people There is also a great good news that an application is being brought in the next month, inshallah, through which you can solve your problem.

If you solve it, I want you guys to tell me whether you have the NCR slip or not. You must write yes or no. I will wait for your comments. May Allah protect you.

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